Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hinckley-Big Rock 80's Class Reunion Group Portraits and Candids

Saturday October 2, 2010 Paula (class of "82) and I had the privilege and fun
of photographing the class groups and over 200 candids for the H-BR 80's
Class Reunion.  This was held at a perfect venue just outside of Big Rock
provided by Patti (class of '83) and Mark (class of '78) Southern. Great fun,
great food and great people-and music provided by "Never 2 Late".  These
are previews of the groups and some of the candids.

Mark's Corvettes
Class of 1980

Class of 1981

Class of 1982

Food Serving Crew

Class of 1983

Class of 1984

Class of 1985

Class of 1985 Fun Group

Class of 1986

Class of 1987

Class of 1988

Class of 1989

A special thanks to Connie Brue (class of '82) for inviting us to photograph the
party and Patti and Mark for providing the facilities and entertainment.  Some of
the over 200 candids are previewed in an album on our Dodgen Photography
page on Facebook.  Group Portraits and a CD of all candids may be purchased
by requesting an order form-just contact us through our website.